Monday, 17 December 2012

Living the American Dream!

Hey everybody! :)

I am Morin and this is MY CRIB!

Well, about the closet....I have a story to share with you:
As a child, I used to dream a lot.
I had a dream to live in Vancouver, to travel the world, study at Boston.
I always considered Boston as the most beautiful and well-educated city, which contains the most famous and prestigious universities in the world.

This city was my inspiration during planning my closet.
The beautiful skyline of Boston, combined with the city's definition around the world as the center of science and technology, made the closet planning even easier and inspirational than I have originally planned....

And yes - there is a lightning system in this closet, as you can see at the picture below.

Here's the right side of the closet.

As you can see this is where I keep A-L-L of my books and school's materials. I don't have bookshelf, because I don't need one! I keep everything I need in this closet. Literally - everything.

Here are some of my clothes

Here's the middle part of my closet

I keep most of my clothes on this side, and I also keep my cosmetic products (don't worry - I will dedicate this subject a post soon!) and shoes.

I've been asked a lot about this subject: "Isn't that stinky to keep your clothes and shoes on the same place?"
Well - No! No! and again - No! It's all about organization and cleaning. This is why I keep a package of pre-moistened towelettes in the drawer. Before I put my shoes back in there place, I clean them with a pre-moistened towelette, and WAH-LAH - the shoes are clean and also smell wonderfully. Problem solved.

Well....about this scarf....I'm a huge fan of the Israreli basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv. Love them! 

Here's the left side of the closet:

My scarfs:

My summer Pijamas:

My Winter pijamas:

My winter collection! (I l-o-v-e winter clothing!)

My bags

My favorite perfume!

and....more shoes!

By the way, if you wondered how big is this closet...well, it's big enough to contain almost all of my stuff! (and yes - I own lots of things!)
Anyways, here are some facts: the closet's width is 360 cm (each door is 120 cm), his
length is 260 cm, and his depth is 60 cm, so yes - it's HUGE!

And now...ta-ta-tam.....the bed!

A regular youth bed.
Unlike my peer Nuphar, I am not into the fur dolls thing. All the dolls that you see on my bed are birthday presents that I got from my friends during the years.

And my TV!

Yeah right - it glitters! And the wall is blue. Unique twist, isn't it?

I love my room, but there are two things I'd like to change in it:
I'd like to purchase a small white shelf to the TV converter, instead of that chair. Something like that:

And I would love it if I have pale blue curtains, Like these:

I think That's all for now. :)

Hasta la proxima vez, amigos!

Morin :)



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